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Your All-In-One EMS Partner

About Us

At Sunnytech, we are committed to delivering the highest quality and most reliable services to our customers.

We are not only determined to provide superior reliability in electronic manufacturing services. Our San Jose based locations offer services from PCBA, box build, RMA repair, refurbishment, after-sales support, forward logistics and reverse logistics as a full supply chain solution.

Driven by a customer-oriented philosophy, our dedicated team leverages our experience with local and out of state OEM electronic industries to provide fast turnaround time and meet customer requirements.

To learn more about Sunnytech and our approach, please contact us directly at

Achieve More

  1. PCB Assembly - Quality board assembly and its rework service is one of the priorities of Sunnytech. We aim for zero defects and our dedicated technicians leverage and applies our multi-industry experience into our work and services we provide.
  2. Box Build Finish Goods - As part of our value add we offer our customers the option for complete box build assembly and/or final product refurbishment at Sunnytech. With three facilities in San Jose our capabilities extend far beyond board assembly services.
  3. BtoB & BtoC Order Fulfillment  - Our multi-industry experience along with box build capabilities naturally led us into a complete order fulfillment provider. For the last 15 years Sunnytech had been building from board level to final delivery of products. We've developed our own forward/reverse logistics catering to our customers needs for both local and off shore production with delivery. This led to an alliance with a tier 1 OEM medical technology company to exclusively use Sunnytech as its fulfillment partner.

Industries Served


Industrial Electronic Devices

From Telecom to semiconductor electronics we are proud to provide services to many of the top companies: Microchip, Analog Devices, Maxim, and many others.


Medical Electronic Devices

Products developed for the Medical Sector must be reliable the minute they are produced and leave our facility.  We offer the option for warehousing and logistics for when you need to store or move your final product.


Consumer Electronic Devices

Personal electronic devices and home automaton requires not only full production but also after-sales support which Sunnytech offer. We are experienced in technical support as well as identifying user error for RMA authorization.

Electronic Product to Market

Sunnytech Services: Complete Order Fulfillment Cycle

EDI order from customer

Awarded RFQ purchase order is received into Sunnytech system. The fulfillment process begins. All necessary documents are generated for production, production schedule is reviewed and confirmed back to customer to meet dock date.

Production monitoring

A work order is generated for production floor, components are acquired, tracked and received for the build. Work begins, scheduled nd production is reviewed throughout this production cycle.

Time to ship and report back

Standardized production lead time is monitored. Critical information are feedbacked to customer. EDI fulfillment of product shipped is sent, invoiced & ship list all gathered into one and submitted to customer either daily or end of month for review and record keeping.

After sales support

For both BtoB and BtoC: Call in & email center set up is available to our consumers. Determine DOA, user error and/or manufacturing design. RMA control, front end review and generation upon process approval. These information are logged and sent back to OEM as reports. All can be handled by Sunnytech as an extension arm to customers.

Corporate Partnership

Beyond operating domestically, we have a corporate alliance with KAGA Electronics. CO., LTD from Japan

Sunnytech's Oversea Production Arm

Whether or not customer foresee their production to stay within domestic United States or moving it to offshore. Sunnytech can bridge the gap by offering our corporate partner's manufacturing capabilites. KAGA Elecetronics, Inc, is a publicly listed company with over 2000 suppliers and over 4000 employees. 


Contact Us

Phone: (408) 943-8100
Fax: (408) 521-9300

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