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Combined with experience and technical know how, Sunnytech is determined to insure its customer's success in both Silicon Valley and the world markets.


September 10, 2002

Working with SongPro a new and innovative company of MP3 products, Sunnytech will help to achieve 500k units in final consumer product production.
Estimated volume to achieve 1 million by year's end.

October 5, 2001

Sunnytech, Joined Hip Fung Manufacturing an ISO 9002 Certified company to serve its customers with better service and quality.

With over 15 years of
Experience in...

PCB Circuit Assembly
Fast Turnaround

Automated Screen Print
Auto Pick & Place
Auto Chip Shooter
Reflow Oven

Final Assembly
Machine Wave Soldering
Looking for suppliers?
From O-rings to Switches
it will direct you
to the source.

The Right Choice is Sunnytech

Over the Last 15 Years Sunnytech has focused on ensuring the highest quality possible in circuit board assembly. We take pride in our ability to communicate with our customers and understand their needs.
Our goal is to earn your trust and be your long-term partner in Silicon Valley for prototypes and small production runs. With that focus, we will help you to achieve your goals in year 2002 and beyond, turning ideas into profits.
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